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Neal performs clean comedy, which means his performances contain no profanity, obscenity, and no explicit jokes about sex or drugs. He’s one of the most popular clean christian comedians around.

Neal is rated amongst the funniest clean comedians in Houston. He also makes it a point to meet with you before your event to make sure he plans a show that everyone in your audience will enjoy! 

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Benefits of Hiring Neal:

Neal is a clean stand up comedian and offers several benefits that make him a popular choice for various events and audiences. Here are some key benefits of hiring Neal:

Wide Audience Appeal

As a clean comedian, Neal caters to a broad range of audiences, including families, corporate events, religious gatherings, and more. His material is free from offensive language, explicit content, or controversial topics, making it suitable for diverse age groups and backgrounds. This wide appeal ensures that the audience can enjoy the performance without feeling uncomfortable or excluded.


Neal can adapt his material to different settings and events. Whether it's a corporate function, charity event, school assembly, or private party, Neal has the ability to tailor his jokes and delivery to suit the specific audience and occasion. He can engage with the crowd, create a positive atmosphere, and leave a lasting impression.

Professional Image

Neal upholds a professional image and maintains a reputation for delivering quality, family-friendly entertainment. Hiring a clean comedian demonstrates your commitment to providing a positive and enjoyable experience for your audience. It also helps ensure that your event reflects the values and standards of your organization.

Laughter without Offense

As a clean comedian, Neal has proven that humor doesn't have to be offensive or rely on crude language to be funny. He uses clever wordplay, witty observations, relatable stories, and situational comedy to generate laughter. He creates a lighthearted and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can laugh and have a good time without the risk of causing offense.

Safe for Corporate Events

Neal is often sought after for corporate events, conferences, and company gatherings. He provides an entertaining break from business-related activities while maintaining a professional environment. With his clean comedy, Neal can boost employee morale, foster team bonding, and create a positive atmosphere during corporate functions.

Long-Lasting Positive Impression

Because of his clean comedy, Neal tends to leave a positive and lasting impression on the audience. People remember the laughter and enjoyment they experienced without being distracted by controversial or offensive content. This positive association can reflect well on your event or organization, leading to increased satisfaction and potential for future engagements.

What they say about


What they say about Neal

Reviews from Google:

Neal's standup comedy was refreshing and hilarious. Our community enjoyed every minute of it. We look forward to bringing him back again in the future!

Yossi Zaklikofsky

This guy is hilarious! Neal performed at our company Christmas party and I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time he performed. His comedy was clean, relatable, and on point from the opening joke to the finale. Book him for your next won't be disappointed.

Stephen Hudnall

Absolutely fantastic evening! Neal is extremely funny and very personable. The crowd loved him and interaction between them was hilarious. The routine was clean clever and well thought out. He knew his audience . Can't wait to invite Neal back!

Louis Mategrano

If you're seeking a comedian for your upcoming event, I strongly suggest enlisting Neal's services! His comedic performance was not only side-splittingly funny, but also suitable for all audiences. He takes the initiative to schedule a call with you before your event to familiarize himself with your preferences and audience demographics.

The Groves Lifestyle

Reviews from

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Neal did a great job at our company real estate party. Content was great and we had a great time and laughed a lot!

Stephen G.

Can't say enough great things about Neal! Process was smooth from start to finish and his show was GREAT! He took some time to personalize his material which made everything that much better. Would highly recommend!

Taylor G.

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